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Immaculate Collision 2014-09 Original works on glass
CF_12_600 2012-09-20 Turbulent color flow, edition of 1
CF_11_1179 2012-09-20 Turbulent color flow, edition of 1
Green Flow 2011-10-16 A study of convection and mixing
Untitled (2011) 2011-04-26 More juxtaposition of artificial and real, fluid and rigid.
Magma 19 2010-12-13 Red hot lava, molten magma.
Wave For Hokusai 2010-08-16 A tribute to a classic work of Japanese art.
Research Code 2009-08-15 I wrote 600 pages of code for my dissertation research on vortex sheets. This is a vortex made from thousands of sheets of code.
Rising 2009-08-05 Rising is a simple composition of fluid forms.
There Is No Cheese 2009-02-18 The elevations in this imaginary landscape represent measurements of mRNA expression from seven different regions of mouse brain tissue. Like evolution, there is no cheese at the end of this maze.
The Trouble With Algorithmic Art 2009-02-03 The Trouble With Algorithmic Art describes a frustration that I sometimes feel with my chosen form of artistic expression.
Sprawl 2009-03-10 “Sprawl” contrasts seemingly different growth patterns: one preconceived, restrained, and considered artificial, the other impulsive, disorganized, and natural.
Perpetuity? 2008-04-17 Questioning the directionality of time and the inevitability of cultural friction through the interplay of historical perceptions of space and time.
Inside The Bomb 2007-07-04 When chemical energy converts to kinetic energy, the result can be rapid, turbulent, deadly, and seemingly meaningless.
Midnight in the Bathtub of Good and Evil 2007-01-18 "Midnight in the Bathtub of Good and Evil" is a representation of a classic battle cast in terms of mathematical fluids.
Green Streamlines 2006-10-31 A reworked and revitalized bit of geometry, neglected for over three years, and finally brought to life for Halloween.
Dynamo 2006-10-28 Paying homage to the sun.
Droplet #7 Revisited 2006-09-05 The original shape from Droplet #7 enclosed in glass.
Open House 2006-01-24 In an instant, everything can completely turn around. "Open House" is an alien landscape in the process of doing just that.
Boil 2005-07-30 Fluids overturn when the bottom fluid is less dense. This what happens when water boils, but the fluid in this image is not water.
Green Tendril 2005-06-19 A curved tendril is created not by fractal-like geometric recursion but diffused vortex particles behind an inclined ufo shape.
Extruded Simplices B 2005-01-19 The merger of the simple and the complex illustrates similarities between the hierarchy of natural patterns and the methods of computational science.
Twigs #23 2004-09-01 This piece uses a three-dimensional off-lattice diffusion-limited aggregation simulation to create a virtual object, and a stochastic depth-of-field camera function to visualize it.
Sunset On Squares 2004-02-04 A seven-level refinement of a Vicsek-like fractal produced the 105 million cubes present in this model.
Droplet #7 2004-01-28 This shape is the result of a simulation of the self-influencing motion of a vortex sheet within a fluid.
Red Streamlines 2003-09-29 The essential component of wavy flow is the vortex. This image represents 1000 space-lines drawn under the influence of 10,000 vortexes.
p37 2003-09-12 One dimension higher than a single vortex particle (not a true fluid dynamic solution itself) is a vortex filament. Within fluid turbulence exist these invisible and intertwined vortex filaments.
Turbulence Infinite 2003-07-09 In this image, a single intertwined vortex filament represents a frozen instant of fluid turbulence. This structure has infinte depth in all dimensions but up, and the geometric detail continues down to pixel-level.
Refinery #53 2002-04-14 Not a simulation of any kind, Refinery #53 is a study of loneliness and detail.
Mesh #3 Iso 2000-07-16 This visually-real but impossible structure is the result of an accurate fluid dynamic calculation of wholly unattainable initial conditions. Familiar behavior exists in this object, despite its obvious artificiality.
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