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Art on the Marquee

Untitled (blue chaos) is a short digital video work for the seven-screen marquee at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center, and the result of a collaboration between traditional artist Kristin Breiseth and new media artist Mark J. Stock. As the piece opens, several hand-drawn rakes scrape across the screens, dragging varying blue-to-white streaks behind them. Subsequent rakes begin to disintegrate at their edges as they progress, spawning many interacting curved traces. Ultimately, the forms devolve into a hyperactive chaos which obscures their origins.

The approaches to the artistic processes of the two artists are clearly on display—where Breiseth’s focus is on formal concerns and the emotional response of the viewer to the piece, free from consciously-imposed narratives, Stock’s chaotic dynamics seek to illuminate the interactions of the building blocks of nature and physics, where motion and form are united.

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